Tackling The Issue Where It Starts

Cardiac arrest is the single largest trigger of death benefits in the United States. It is responsible for roughly 18% of payouts to beneficiaries, but iBeat can help by extending your subscribers’ lives and improving profitability with the iBeat Heart Watch.

Vital Monitoring Made Simple

The iBeat Heart Watch is an everyday watch that continually monitors users’ heart health vitals and is a way to ensure your policyholders are alive, active, and well. In an emergency, we can deliver immediate medical aid, helping prevent death from sudden and unforeseen emergencies.

Life, Insured

iBeat aims to help users when they suffer a fall, injury, or other life-threatening emergency. By partnering with iBeat, we can help preserve the flow of life insurance premiums, delay the triggering of death benefits, and help to reduce your near-term contract payouts.

What We Offer

  • An opportunity to keep your heart-disease burdened policyholders alive longer and paying their premiums
  • A unique incentive for acquiring new subscribers
  • Help preserving the flow of your premiums
  • Co-marketing and lead generation initiatives
  • Ability to track incidents and adherence
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