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Heart Alert & Emergency Watch

  • Continuous heart monitoring for unsafe parameters
  • Help On Demand button to get help anytime, anywhere
  • Fall detection and alerts
  • Removable charger for fast and easy charging while wearing
  • Simple touch screen interface and multiple watch faces to choose from
  • Cellular-enabled (No phone required)
  • 24/7 response and dispatch center
  • Text, email, and/or phone alerts to friends and family
  • Built-in GPS for location tracking
  • Cell connectivity included
  • Access to online dashboard to view and download daily, weekly, and monthly heart rate activity
  • Limited time only – One month of free monitoring with your pre-order purchase

$259.00 $179.00 includes one month of service

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Product Description

iBeat’s Heart Alert & Emergency Watch is a sleek and comfortable smartwatch you wear 24/7. The device’s medical-grade sensors constantly monitor your heart activity and detect for oncoming life-threatening emergencies. In an emergency, iBeat will instantly alert you, your loved ones and 911, sending immediate care and potentially saving your life. For non-heart-related emergencies, the iBeat Watch comes with a Help On Demand button you can press at anytime to get help from your emergency contacts or 911.


Watch Features

  • Medical-grade sensors with continuous heart monitoring
  • Help On Demand button for non heart-related emergencies
  • Fall detection sensor and alerts
  • Simple touchscreen interface and multiple watch faces to choose from
  • Stop watch, timer, and alarm functions
  • Shows step tracking and heart rate activity
  • Water resistant for bathing, showering, and swimming
  • Comfortable and breathable strap
  • Attachable battery pack for continuous wear while charging

Monitoring Service Features

  • 24/7 dispatch center and response team
  • Cellular-enabled — No phone or landline required; Cell connectivity is included with monitoring service
  • Text, email, and/or phone alerts to family and friends in an emergency
  • Location tracking for responders via watch’s built-in GPS during an emergency
  • Audio alerts to guide responders to your location in an emergency
  • Access to online dashboard to view and download weekly heart activity
  • Limited time only – Includes one month of free monitoring service (a $20/month value)
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How iBeat works



iBeat’s medical-grade sensors monitor your heart activity throughout the day and night – 24/7.



If the watch detects a life-threatening incident is approaching, it notifies you and asks if you need help.



The watch connects via cellular to iBeat’s response center and immediately contacts you. If you don’t answer or need help, we’ll send help to your exact location.



Family contacts are notified of the emergency and an incident page is available with real-time updates including your exact location and current status.

Additional Information


Black, Rose Gold

Service included retail

includes one month of service


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